About motorsport

Motorsport is almost as old as the invention of the car. The first race was held in 1895 on public roads between the French cities of Paris and Bordeaux. In the meantime, motorsport has evolved a lot and has also become much safer. The major Formula Racing Championships are the IndyCar Series in North America and the Formula 1 World Championship in the rest of the world. About Formula 1: A championship has been held annually since 1950, consisting of a series of races called Grands Prix. The record holder for the number of world titles won by the drivers is Michael Schumacher with seven. Ferrari won the constructors' championship XNUMX times. The current driver's champion is Briton Lewis Hamilton.

Dutch influence

The Dutch interest in formula sport has increased in recent years in particular due to the breakthrough of Max Verstappen. Formula sport has never been so popular in the Netherlands. This has even led to Dutch fans traveling all over the world to attend the races. Due to this increasing interest, the Netherlands has even been awarded a Grand Prix again. The expectations are immense: motorsport in the Netherlands continues to gain popularity!

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