Champion Kas Haverkort closes F4 season in style

Published by Greenhouse Haverkort op November 18 2020

MONTMELÓ - He wanted to prove once more that he was the best, while the title was already long and wide in. Race car driver Kas Haverkort drove last weekend at Circuit de Barcelona in the final round of the Spanish Formula 4 championship to two more race wins and a second place. For example, the sixteen-year-old KNAF TeamNL talent from Heemsterveen made it clear again that the title really belonged to him alone.

“It was just fine again”, said a cheerful Kas, who had, as always, had a top car at his disposal from his MP Motorsport team. “It was a strong weekend, just great. I didn't really feel pressure, could actually do what I wanted, because I was driving without having to ride a certain result. And even though I already had the title, it was not difficult at all to recharge myself. I always want to win. ”

His improbable statistics for this season underscored that statement. Knaf TeamNL's talent won thirteen of the 21 races this season, six of which in a row in the last three weekends. And of the eight races he did not win, he dropped out three times, was on the podium four times with a second or third place and he came fourth once. His lead over teammate Boya, who finished second in the championship, was a whopping 111 points. “I started the season with the idea of ​​reaching the top three. It is super normal that I then become champion, especially with so many points ahead. But it wasn't easy, I've had fights in many races. ”

That Kas has been in the picture this season is an understatement. There are already several parties that are interested in him. However, the very fast Overijsselaar could not say anything about that, since his season has been a day cold and he has not yet focused on the coming season. Now that focus will gradually shift to 2021, of course. He already knew what that season should look like in terms of sport. “I want to finish in the top five again in the next championship. If I can achieve that, I would be happy. ”

What makes Kas Haverkort's already so beautiful fairy tale even more beautiful is that he achieved his phenomenal results of this season during his debut year in motorsport. “I have learned a lot this year. Racing cars, racing with downforce. It went pretty well for me right away. I won the first race right away.

Everyone was just super happy. That was really good. ”

The experience he gained last season culminated in another very strong weekend last weekend. After rushing to P1 for the first two races in qualifying, he was second fastest in qualifying second. After that, he rumbled relatively easily from pole position to victory in the first two races. “A few times a number of riders rode close to me, but I managed to stay ahead of them. In both races I eventually made another gap to number two. ”

In the third race of the weekend, he started at P2. The entire race he drove close behind the race leader, but due to the heavy tire wear on the circuit just above Barcelona, ​​Kas unfortunately did not manage to take the lead in the race. “I was able to keep up all the time, but I couldn't overtake him because of the tires. I had already won the championship, so P2 was good too. ”

Kas' coach Marco du Pau was proud that his pupil had convincingly demonstrated why he had become champion a week earlier. “It was a really good year. I am happy with how things turned out, ”said Du Pau. “I've seen a lot of progress with him from start to finish. Kas has also had a very good preparation for the season with MP Motorsport. He has learned a tremendous amount from MP's feedback. The team helped him very well. ”

Kas was already known as a talent because of his very successful years in go-karts. Still, for Du Pau at the start of the season it was not an easy feat that his driver would 'just' perform well. “You don't know exactly what to expect at the start of the season. But the feeling with the team was very good. The atmosphere with the mechanics and engineers was great. These are factors that are very important when choosing to drive somewhere. ”

“Then we saw during the first tests that Kas was immediately on the limit. There was not much more in the car than how it was driving. So we knew it could be promising, but it remains to be seen. And it turned out. We couldn't be happier! ”

Kas Haverkort thanks MP Motorsport, his mechanic, his engineer, the entire MP Team, his parents and family, Marco du Pau, Comeback Sports, the KNAF and its sponsors.

Source: RaceXpress