Kas Haverkort hits back after two races with bad luck and scores victory

Published by Greenhouse Haverkort op 23 September 2020

Greenhouse Haverkort won the third race during the third round of the Spanish Formula 4 Championship at the Jerez de la Frontera circuit. The speed of the 16-year-old MP Motorsport driver was strong all weekend, but bad luck during qualifying and during the first two races did not ensure an optimal result. In the closing third race, Haverkort did reward itself with the victory.

The driver from Heemserveen drove by far the fastest times on the field in the training sessions on Friday and in the wet training sessions on Saturday. In qualifying, however, it was not easy. “Jerez is a technical track and it went great from the start. In the rain I had the fastest time and a half second lead over the number two. Then the track dried up and you just need two quick times. I had to overtake six men in my last two laps, while the top 5 had free track to set a fast time. So I had to settle for P7. ”

During the first race, Haverkort managed to work his way forward. “Race 1 went well in itself. I started

from P7 and my start was good. I tried to overtake the number 3 outside, but he touched my rear tire and I got a flat tire. I had to go into the pits and then you're done. Race 2 was almost identical. I had a good start from P5. On the straight I got cut and my front wing flew off. That was a real shame. ”

In the third and final race, Haverkort put things in order. The team NL driver dominated the race! “In the last race I was allowed to leave pole and had a good start. That then became a relatively easy race. I was able to hit a 2,5 second gap and finished the race on P1 controlled. In terms of speed, it was just a great weekend. Unfortunately, bad luck is also part of it, so you don't score the points that go with it. ”

And so you can Very shortly looking forward positively to the upcoming race in Valencia. “I have already dropped out three times, but I am still in the lead. We still have plenty of weekends to go. It's a super fun championship, no DRS, so you have to do it at your own speed and really race. ”

Source: Racexpress