Kas Haverkort wins Spanish Formula 4 Championship

Published by Greenhouse Haverkort op November 9 2020

JARAMA - It was already coming, but the way race car driver Kas Haverkort Saturday's title in the Spanish Formula 4 championship was unparalleled. The sixteen-year-old KNAF TeamNL talent from Heemserveen was the fastest in both practices at the Jarama circuit in Spain, conquered three pole positions, won all three races and as icing on the cake received a point in each race for the fastest race lap. And to think that he made his debut in motorsport this year.

“I am really happy,” said an enthusiastic Kas. “It is great that I have already won the championship. To decide it now, even before the last race weekend, was great. I knew I was pretty close to it already, but I didn't really think about it during the races. I didn't really expect it either. But I took the full score for this weekend. It's great that I immediately become champion in my first season in motorsport! ”

The penultimate round of the title fight was held on the Jarama circuit, near Madrid. Although it was the first time that the championship has been on the track this season, it was not unknown territory for Kas. “I had already tested it once. It's a pretty small track, not really an ideal track for formula cars, but the speed was good, I'm happy. I don't care where I have to drive. ”

Kas already showed this from the beginning of the weekend. In both training sessions the driver of the Dutch top team MP Motorsport was immediately the fastest on the track. Then he underlined his superior pace in qualifying by taking pole position three times. The first two races were then relatively easy for Kas. He took off from P1, quickly made a gap and built a lead from there. He won both races unthreatened with the fastest race lap.

During the third race, Kas had to fight harder. “I immediately took a lead after the start, but when the safety car appeared on the track, everyone was back in a pile. After the restart, the riders behind me were immediately on top of me. That was difficult, but luckily I managed to drive away again. ”

The race was run in tricky conditions, as the track was half wet and everyone was riding on slicks. “Because I had no one in front of me, I had to guess where to brake myself. Fortunately that went well and I had the right speed. ” Kas did not suffer from extra tension, because he could become champion in the third race. “I wasn't working on the championship anyway. I just wanted to win. Of course you have it in mind, but

I was not busy counting points. ”

That Kas took the full number of points was special, but not unique. Because earlier this season he had already succeeded during the race weekend in Valencia. Kas had also succeeded in his debut race; to win all three races on the first race weekend of the season at the circuit of Navarre. His seasonal balance is therefore phenomenal. Kas has completed eighteen races so far. He ended up on the podium no fewer than fourteen times, including eleven victories.

“I am really happy to have won so many races,” said Kas, who promptly saw the attention for his person rising due to the overwhelming way he took the title. “You can see that the attention on social media is increasing. On Instagram I gained over a hundred followers in one go. ” He knows that is important for future sponsors. “And if you have good results, people are more willing to help you. If you have one less year, it will be more difficult. ” Yet he is not really concerned with that. "I just focus on the races."

His coach Marco du Pau was of course very pleased with Kas's performance. “It's been a huge weekend,” he said. He did not expect his driver, despite his talent, to do so well in his first year in motorsport. You never know where you stand in the beginning. It is difficult to measure where you are. We did see at the beginning that the speed was good and that he was constantly at the limit. We saw that the outlook was positive. But we never thought that Kas would be so dominant. I think he is performing at a very good level. ”

As a champion, Kas normally takes a step higher, towards Formula Renault. Du Pau did not want to go into it too much. “We have to keep our feet on the ground, motorsport has to do with so many things, but what he showed here and also during the two guest races in the Formula Renault Eurocup was gigantic. That promises a lot of good. ”
Although Kas has already won the title, the last round of the championship awaits him next weekend. It is held at the well-known Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona. Kas: “I don't feel any pressure for that race. Of course I just want to win there again and preferably like this weekend. I know Barcelona well, so hopefully things will go well there too! ”

"I would very much like to thank the entire MP Motorsport team, Marco du Pau, Willemjan Keijzer, my parents and family, Comeback Sports, the KNAF, all my sponsors and all the people who have supported me this year."

Source: Racexpress