Unleashed Kas Haverkort dominates F4 field in Valencia

Published by Greenhouse Haverkort op 28 September 2020

VALENCIA - Three wins in one weekend: race car driver Kas Haverkort explicitly applied for the title in the Spanish Formula 4 championship on the Valencia circuit. The sixteen-year-old promise from Heemserveen also took both pole positions. This way he had a perfect weekend in the heavily occupied championship.

“This weekend was great. I was also very fast in Jerez last weekend. Then I could have won maybe three races, but then I was unlucky ”, Kas referred to his victory and the two withdrawals on that track. Won earlier this year Haverkort also had three F4 races on his debut in motorsport.

The fact that he was fast in Valencia came as no surprise to the talent of TeamNL. “During the test here I was also very fast. We are fast on every track this season. We are always in the top three. That's what we always aim for. ”

Yet he did not dare to dream of three wins in a row before the weekend. “You never know what's going to happen. I noticed that in Jerez, when I had something to do with my car twice. ”

That was of course a big disappointment. In total, the MP Motorsport driver had to deal with three retirements this season. Kas: "While all three of me can finish in the top three." It cost him important points in the championship, as a result of which the competition, which was already quite behind before the race in Jerez, suddenly found the connection again.

But after the weekend in Valencia, Kas has again hit a big gap with the number two in the championship. “I was already first when we started the weekend. Then it was

difference eleven points, now the gap is a lot bigger. That is just great. But you should never cheer too soon. ”

Regardless, Kas's figures this season are impressive. During the first lap in Navarra, he already won three races in a row. But then he took 'only' one pole position and finished second in the other qualifying. In Valencia he took both pole positions. "So this is my best weekend." Incidentally, his three victories in Valencia mean that Kas has now won the last four races of the championship.

The way he won this weekend was telling. The competition could never make it difficult for him. "I haven't fought for a position once," said Kas' eloquent comment. “I won the first race with 2.7 seconds ahead of the number two. In race two, I immediately hit a gap and drove away from number two for three seconds. In the third race, the number two came pretty close behind me at one point. But he was given a penalty for exceeding the track limits. At the finish I eventually had a three or four second lead. ”

There are now three more rounds to go in the championship. Kas: “Of course we will try to get such a result every time, so that I can make a bigger gap.” The young Overijsselaar would not have dared to dream that he would be in this position now that the season is over halfway. It is, after all debut year in the single-seaters. “At the start of the season, the goal was to finish in the top five. It is great that I now drive so often at the front and win so often. "

Source: Racexpress