Very handsome performance Kas Haverkort at Spa-Francorchamps

Published by Greenhouse Haverkort op 26 October 2020

SPA - After his striking debut in the Formula Renault Eurocup a week ago, did Greenhouse Haverkort last weekend all over again. On the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps, unknown to him, the sixteen-year-old racing driver from Heemserveen surprised again. Joined the Dutch top team MP Motorsport at the last minute, he thundered during the seventh round of the championship and in his only second race weekend in the FR 2l, to two very handsome fifth places.

It was once again proof of the talent of the super-fast Overijsselaar. Certainly also because he had hardly had time to prepare. “It wasn't until Monday that I was told that I could race in the Formula Renault Eurocup in Spa,” Kas told “On Wednesday I did sessions on a wet and a dry track. The conditions were not optimal, but I still managed to get some of my best time. ”

This weekend Formula Renault drove in the support program of the Total 24H of Spa. For Kas it was only his second appearance in the title fight after the previous round of the championship in Barcelona. “Of course I was at a disadvantage, because everyone had already driven at Spa like the second and third year Renault drivers and other guys had tested in Spa before. So I had to catch up. ”
He seemed to have made it in any case, because the first qualifying went well. Kas was in P5 for a long time, he eventually finished seventh. “I made a mistake when shifting gears, I was one gear too high. And at the back of the circuit near the go-kart track I drifted through the bend. As a result, I missed three tenths of a second in my fast lap ”, the talent of TeamNL freely admitted his mistake. Compared to his first FR2L race in Barcelona, ​​things went a lot better nonetheless. “I kept going faster. Although it is of course difficult to race against riders who are already second and third in the FR2l, I was very satisfied with my speed. ”

On Friday in the first race, which started in the pouring rain, Kas had a very good start. “I sent out, went outside and immediately won a few spots. I walked in on the number 4, but I had very poor visibility due to the spray. The pace was good, I was able to keep up with the number 4. Cordeel and Collet were behind me and I drove away from them. ”

Kas simply maintained fifth place and

then the red flag was waved, as a sign that the race came to an early end. Kas: “There was so much water on the track and you didn't see much in the spray that it became dangerous. I was happy with P5 in this field. I had never been to Spa and hadn't had a lot of track time in this car. ”

The track was wet during the second race, but it slowly dried up. Some of his team mates chose slicks, but Kas wanted rain tires. “I thought rain tires were the best choice, it's a bit later in the year, so the track doesn't dry up that quickly,” Kas explained, and it soon turned out that wet tires were the best choice.
After a lesser start through no fault of his own, things soon went well again for Kas. “At the start Colapinto sent out and I also had to send out to avoid him. I fell back to P12, but I already passed three men at Eau Rouge. In the initial phase I passed two men further on the circuit. I was in a fight with Vidales, I was faster, but it was difficult to get past him ”, said Kas, who lost a lot of time. “I also had a great fight with Victor Martins, who I kept three rounds behind me. Slowly but surely a dry line emerged. That was a shame, because I could certainly have finished third if I could have overtaken Vidales right away. I was able to perform some nice actions. It was an exciting race. I really enjoyed it. ”

Racing in a Formula Renault car is a great new experience for Kas. “The car feels different, but I got used to it quickly. It is a much heavier car than the Formula 4 car I normally race in. The grip is very different. I made a lot of progress over the weekend, every session I got fiercer. I did not expect that I could get used to it so quickly. ”

With the nice results in Spa in your pocket, Kas will again focus on the Spanish Formula 4 championship. In that he is in the lead and with three laps to go, the title beckons. “I have the speed for it. I am racing and I want to win. I always go for the profit. I'm not working on the title, but of course I want to win it eventually. ”

Kas thanks everyone involved who ensured that he could drive Formula Renault.

Source: Racexpress